Male Health Doctor’s

Male Health Doctor’s is a national clinic of male health professionals dedicated to helping men live their best lives. In particular we treat erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and sleep disorders. We believe each man’s quality of life is important and we work closely with our patients to create customised treatment plans to suit their individual needs.

Convenient Care

Male Health Doctor’s is a group of highly experienced doctors who are confident treating your issues thoroughly and privately.
We have an established network of doctors, specialists and allied health providers that cover all of Australia.
Our clinics maintain the highest medical standards and offer men a safe environment to speak openly about their concerns.

Our Approach

We take a science-based approach that’s customised to your needs and symptoms. We don’t only treat your symptoms; we look to uncover the underlying cause. You get one-on-one care from a team of professionals who understand your condition and care about your quality of life.


Most of our patients have previously had difficulty opening up to anyone else about their condition. Many have spent years suffering in silence. We understand that your sexual dysfunction may be tough to talk about however our staff are highly skilled in this area and provide the utmost confidentiality in a discreet manner.

Service Guarantee

Unlike other men’s health clinics, we don’t charge you upfront for treatment and we do not have lock in contracts. We offer a full spectrum of treatment options and professionals to help overcome the underlying cause of your symptoms. Your results and satisfaction are our top priority.

Confidence is one click away

Book an intake call with our team to find out about your treatment options.

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